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A Healthy, Sustainable Kitchen

There is nothing with more power to impact our health than the food & drink we put into our bodies. For me, food must be both nourishing & pleasurable. Life is too short to eat bad! I grew up on a farm with a kitchen garden so I was spoiled with ripe-off-the-vine produce at a young age. The amplified flavor and nutrients of fresh produce taught me that shopping at local farmers markets is best for our bodies. Also, by shopping locally, we massively reduce our carbon footprint. I am spoiled at the moment in Berkeley with farmers markets daily, but I've been to dozens of markets in dozens of towns and they're just as good.

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Hibiscus Goji Berry Lemonade

Inspired by the vibrant pink jars of agua de jamaica sitting on countertops around Mexico and Moon Juice Cookbook's Petal & Berry Tonic, I spun my own tantalizing pink drink - sans sugar, plus lots of vitamin C rich superfoods. Made from the deep pink hibiscus flowers, it has a tartness pleasant and cooling to the whole body.

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nourishment, wellnessSarah Danu
Minty Melon Manchego Salad

When I eat fruit, I try to eat it on a fairly empty stomach to aid in the digestion of fruits natural sugars. I also like to combine it with healthy fats and fiber, which also helps to digest it.

This salad was the best salad I’ve ever made…

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nourishmentSarah Danu