NYC | Conscious Travel Guide

NYC | Conscious Travel Guide

I find myself in NYC often. It’s where I landed to search for jobs coming back to the USA after a year of travel. Several of my dearest friends live in the city. When I am in the right mood, New York is pure, pulsating inspiration. There’s no place in the world where you can so easily find anything you’re interested in, while at the same time, inadvertently expose yourself to so many new things which expand the mind and challenge perceptions.


  • OKONOMI - Breakfast here is a must if you are even slightly curious about Japanese food. Or, if like me, you’re having Japanese breakfast withdraw, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a tiny place that sometimes has a wait but if you plan for it, it’s a lovely neighborhood to explore while you wait. Check out the Japanese goods shop just above the restaurant.

  • Rita’s - Simple, healthy but innovative in the best of ways, Rita’s is open for breakfast and lunch in Red Hook.

  • The Farm on Adderly - The spirit of this restaurant is unassuming but confident. Crowded enough it always feels buzzy with rarely a wait, they serve up true farm-to-table goodness with every plate.

  • Dimes - Pop into this health conscious cafe & market for a nourishing bite if you’re in the neighborhood!

  • ABCV - A fun brunch can be had here. ABCV has a super healthy menu featuring global cuisines in a light, airy space. After eating walk around the corner and browse ABC Home & Carpet.


  • Té Company - A respite from the bustle of Chelsea, this cafe has light food and is famous for their oolongs. It’s a lovely place to meet a friend.

  • Hungry Ghost Coffee - A friendly cafe for a friendship date or a bit of computer work.

  • Butler - A coffee here is always a good idea, but especially if you’re about to do Pyro Tings at Sky Ting around the corner.

  • Devocion - Everything here is so good but the plant wall takes the cake.


  • Bellocq - After a year long quest for the perfect organic earl grey, my quest came to an end in this alter of a shop.

  • Package Free Shop - You can shop online, but if you’re in the area, pop in and browse. You’ll leave feeling inspired to care for the earth and with a few new tricks, or maybe literal tools, up your sleeve to create less/no waste.

  • The Sill - Plants make people happy!

  • The Alchemist’s Kitchen - A serene herb shop offering many local maker's products.

  • Nalata Nalata - Minimalist Japanese home goods store where I picked up the perfect sailboat-sized kitchen rug and a plastic-free dustpan.

  • CAP Beauty - I picked up a fermented hot sauce for a gift, rms beauty’s magic luminizer and some gynostemma tea.

  • Ippodo Tea - Matchaaaaaa!

NYC | Conscious Travel Guide by Sarah Danu


  • Sky Ting - With three locations, Sky Ting has some of my favorite teachers in the city. Plus the space is gorgeous and the founders are awesome. Sky Ting also has an infrared sauna. Try a pyro tings class if you’re feeling crazy.

  • Fhitting Room - A seriously hard workout where instructors focus on correct form in a space with good natural lighting. You will be sore and happy.

  • Cryofuel - Especially if you flew into the city, cryo is a great idea to tame inflammation. This place was quick, easy to get into at the last minute and I left feeling great!

  • Higher Dose - another infrared sauna


In truth, I recommended staying with my best friends because they’re awesome. If we have different best friends though, I one day dream of staying in a few of these places.

  • The Assemblage - If you’ll be staying awhile, consider this elegant co-living space with a yoga studio. It is available for a single night too.

  • The Ludlow - You’ve probably seen people on instagram bathing in the light drenched tubs with gorgeous views of the NYC skyline. Sometimes you just have to embrace the cliché.


  • Sky Ting Yoga - Do yoga here. They have a studio in Chinatown, Williamsburg and Tribeca. The rockstar women founders of this space choose good teachers who teach good classes. Try Pyro Tings with Kirsty Godso for a real workout. Or maybe go a more peaceful route and do a restorative with Cat Meyer. The space is high-design but incredibly welcoming. You can even hang out before/after class in their infamous pit and read a book, plan where you’re going next or just charge your phone.

  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden - Free Fridays before noon, if you happen to be in NYC during cherry blossom season, you’d be making a mistake to not spend a day wandering here.

  • The Met - Art is always a good idea.


This list is a little longer than on my other conscious travel guides, but there’s a lot of lovely places to go in NYC! So, I’ll just leave this here. In case you want to go everywhere. Let me know if you go somewhere on this list that I shouldn’t miss! xoxo

A picnic at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. during cherry blossom season. We found out a few minutes after this photo was taken that picnics are not allowed and had to pack up.

A picnic at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. during cherry blossom season. We found out a few minutes after this photo was taken that picnics are not allowed and had to pack up.

The pit at sky ting yoga.

The pit at sky ting yoga.

NYC | Conscious Travel Guide
High design at sky ting yoga.

High design at sky ting yoga.

NYC | Conscious Travel Guide
NYC | Conscious Travel Guide
NYC | Conscious Travel Guide
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