Salt Of The Earth N°6

Salt Of The Earth N°6

The new year has brought an incredible positive rush into my life. I’ve set several weeks aside to focus on growing myself and my businesses, Contrapreneur, Modern Nature & my secret business.

I’m living all by myself (except for occasional family visits) in a beautiful, old farmhouse house built in 1806. I also received mail for the first time in months and received some fabulous, sustainable things I love.

I am beginning to look forward to returning to my sailboat, Blossom, in Mexico. But not quite yet! This week I’m fueled by:

  • Dave Asprey’s latest book, Game Changers. Wowza! Anybody want to bookclub this with me?

  • We looked high and low for an unbreakable coffee maker which required no disposable filters. It is beautiful. It is affordable. It works. It is here.

  • Women! I finally tried these. I don’t know what took me so long. I love them!

  • A dream come true! I started a podcast where I talk to leaders & thinkers successfully involved in businesses making a positive impact in the world. Listen here!

  • I’m signed up to go for Spirit Weavers! There’s still a few tickets left. We women grow and thrive when we come together in femininity and I am so grate for @DaughterOfTheSun_ for creating this opportunity.

  • Dye-free, organic socks! Made with the same cotton as Modern Nature will be.

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