Salt Of The Earth N°1

Salt Of The Earth N°1  — Sarah Patter

I love creating these Salt Of The Earth posts but I feel a deep internal desire to separate business and life. So, I’ve decided to transition writing about my personal life to this space, Nothing is for sale here, or even sponsored, and all opinions are my own. It feels perfectly authentic and free. I’ll be writing about whatever I like. I like old boats, sustainable living, traveling slowly for years at a time, everything wellness and eating local, wholesome food wherever I am… so it will probably be a lot of that. If that sounds like your thing, you’re in the right place!

Setting off on another extended period of life as a traveller, I am leaning into the internet to connect me with… well, anybody! We’ll be sailing slowly, immersing ourselves in the communities and cultures we visit, but it feels good to have a consistent place of connection somewhere, which I plan to be here!

So, here are some things inspiring and expanding me this week:

  • This SF Chronicle article. “Our culture does not know the dream of the individual, the single person. We have never lived with the fream of the self made man. We only know a world of symbiotic coexistance, one universe and one shared perpetual interconnectivity.“ — Manari Ushigua and Belen Paez

  • Did you know Frank Gehry designed a sailboat? Now you do! You’re welcome.

  • This is somewhere in the mail headed to me!

  • I can’t get enough moringa these days.

  • We are sailing to Santa Cruz on Wednesday where it was once warm enough to wear this. Also, this restaurant has very good vibes and food to match. Hoping to go back!

  • In The Company of Woman - all I want to do is interview every single one of these amazing beings for Contrapreneur!

  • After years of eyeing this, it is now mounted securely on my sailboat galley wall over my kitchen sink full of unscented dr. bronners. Because even the “healthy” dish soaps are laden with endocrine disrupters and I don’t got space in my life for that.

  • Spending a lot of time looking at images like this to keep me inspired to finish the last few major boat projects.

  • I hope Santa Barbara keeps a few yellow tomatoes for me because as soon as we’re around Pt. Conception in the southern current, I can imagine sipping and sharing these.

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