Sustainable Clothing Staples

Sustainable Clothing Staples

To me, the clothes I wear make or break how I feel in a day and give me an opportunity to express what I care about in the clothing industry. I live minimally, but I am active enough between exercise, messy boat projects and business that most days require a couple outfits.

I love exploring vintage shops for used clothing but otherwise, I seek out only organic, natural fibers. My most treasured pieces are found along the way. I find natural fibers to be supremely comfortable. I can't imagine wearing underwear made of anything but organic, natural fibers. Excluding storm gear, there is no plastic-based clothing I prefer to the warmth of wool and breathability of linen.

We do have a gently enforced rule that for any clothing coming in, an equal amount of clothing must go to a new home. I'm not quite on the capsule wardrobe bandwagon but I am close.

Also, did you know that microfibers from our polyester clothing is polluting the oceans? It's a big problem and I believe that by not buying the popular plastic-based clothing, I am voting for a healthier future. Check out some of my favorite places to shop below. 

Of course, being naked is the most sustainable option but more than one option is always a good idea.

Women's Clothing:

Elizabeth Suzann - timeless design, quality natural fibers - cut & sewn in Nashville, TN

Pansy - organic, sustainable underwear and activewear - cut & sewn in Oakland, CA

Eileen Fisher - leading changes on a big scale - NYC, NY

Brook There - my most comfortable, still pretty, organic underwear - made in the USA

Men's Clothing (because I love shopping for my man and brothers too):

Outerknown - sustainable, socially conscious - Los Angeles

Patagonia - a trustworthy staple - Ventura, CA

Pact Organics - great organic mens underwear and loungewear - Boulder, CO