Morning Routine

Morning Routine

I was born a morning girl. As a kid, I usually woke between 6 AM and 7 AM and I still do. I loved helping myself to breakfast before anybody else was stirring and going on morning walk, when the sun is cresting over the hills and the light is singing it's soft dawn song. For me, even if I am out late one night, I feel healthiest when I stick to my wake up routine. Sleeping in does not do good things for me.

Now, on my sailboat, they've taken on a whole new meaning. Even during stormy times, mornings are most often tranquil. The dew rising off the water is a sight I'd be sore to miss. For years, I'd roll out of bed and onto my yoga mat, but living aboard has required a change in habit because there is literally no space to fit my yoga mat on the boat, and mornings on the dock are usually too cold for me here in the SF Bay. So, begrudgingly, I've shifted my habits.

These days, I typically brew a cup of tea (often a sencha these days) and go on a walking meditation around the marina. Then, I come back to the boat and read for a little bit. Sometimes Latitude 38, sometimes an educational wellness book, sometimes a great piece of fiction.

For breakfast, I'll often have coconut yogurt topped with fresh fruit and nuts or if I am hungrier, some sautéed veggies and a protein. I fell in love with persian-inspired breakfast salads for a while. With more tea. Or an adaptogenic nut milk latte. Breakfast is my favorite meal but I have no one favorite food item. It depends on the seasons and what my body is telling me it needs.

Then, I like to hop on my email and see what has landed overnight. I don't usually stop until I am at inbox zero. Then I shut my email inbox and don't check it again until the afternoon.

Around 9 AM, I will either go to a yoga class or do a cardio workout... hiking, biking, jogging, weights. I mix this up a lot to balance my body and explore new muscle groups. I can't wait until we are cruising and morning swimming is an option! That is how the days begin! 

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