Habits For Healthy Sleep

Habits For Healthy Sleep

Winding down for sleep is the biggest time of ritual in my day. I always try to have a sit down dinner with friends or family by 7 PM or so, followed with the necessary clean up and at least 10 minutes of movement. Most often a walk around the docks but sometimes gentle yoga is what I need.

Most evenings I steep a jar of dream tea I picked and dried myself. It's a blend of passionflower, chamomile, rose petals and ashwagandha. If I don't hydrate well before bed, I find I wake up very thirsty. 

As soon as the sun sets, all screens and blue lights go off in the boat. It's a time for doing little projects, reading, conversation or organizing things for the following day.

Our bedding is made of 100% natural fibers. I am partial to linen and wool for bedding. These fibers do an excellent job wicking moisture. I had to cut and sew all of our sheets and even our mattress to fit our funky shaped quadrilateral bed. We sleep on an organic foam mattress.

I have absolutely no desires to stay up late. Usually I fall asleep around 10 PM. In fact, I can hardly stay awake past 10 PM if I try!

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