A Healthy, Sustainable Kitchen

A Healthy, Sustainable Kitchen

There is nothing with more power to impact our health than the food & drink we put into our bodies. For me, food must be both nourishing & pleasurable. Life is too short to eat bad! I grew up on a farm with a kitchen garden so I was spoiled with ripe-off-the-vine produce at a young age. The amplified flavor and nutrients of fresh produce taught me that shopping at local farmers markets is best for our bodies. Also, by shopping locally, we massively reduce our carbon footprint. I am spoiled at the moment in Berkeley with farmers markets daily, but I've been to dozens of markets in dozens of towns and they're just as good.

After working in the food industry long enough to learn the reasons for every dietary preference under the sun, I look at eating very experimentally. The number one thing I ask myself is, "Is this sustainable?" I eat primarily plants, but lately I have been requiring a bit more meat to feel my healthiest. I try to stick with things like bone broth and offal, that use parts of the animal that are typically in surplus and so good for us!

Who says you can't cook in a boat?! If this were true, I couldn't be in a boat full time. Of course, while we're making a passage, we do a lot less cooking. When everything is moving, our appetites tend to go down and we're busy doing other things, so almond and apples are often sufficient. Eating well is a passion my husband shares, so we're happy to carve out the space for the kitchen of our dreams

Currently, our galley is entirely torn out! We are in the process of rebuilding it to maximize storage and best suit our needs.

I have been collecting the tools of my kitchen for years, lugging them lovingly apartment to apartment until I settled somewhat permanently into my sailboat.

Living aboard has required I sort through them again & remove things that are breakable or rust easily. It was hard to part with a few items, but it's been a fun challenge to replace the few items that weren't durable enough for a boat with items that have the character for a sailing life.

Below are the pieces that make meals with me - more coming soon!