How To Stay Healthy While You Fly

How To Stay Healthy While You Fly

Flying takes a toll on the body but there are a lot of ways to mitigate the damages of flying, so you can arrive feeling great.


  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY - Before you fly, eat and drink anti-inflammatory foods to get your body in the best place to handle flying.

  • SUPPORTIVE HERBS - I like to start taking Dr. Singha’s Travel Tonic about 12 hours before my flight. It’s small enough to go in your carryon and continue taking as you travel.

  • DRINK MORE WATER - This one is so simple, but it will have a giant affect on how you feel! I carry a Berkey bottle with me to remove toxins from airport water fountains and avoid buying bottled water.

  • PLAN - Plan appropriately to arrive at the airport plenty early. This will keep your body out of stress mode.

  • MEAL PREP - Pack a healthy airport friendly snacks/meals so you aren’t tempted to eat unhealthy meals in-flight or at the airport. If you don’t have time to do this, perhaps consider fasting during the flight.

  • SEAT SELECTION - See if you can’t choose a seat towards the front of the plane. Air is circulated from front to back in planes, so seats towards the front have better quality air.

  • IMMUNE BOOST - Add glutathione, vitamins A, D, C and zinc into your routine to keep your immune system up. Glutathione, an antioxidant, is especially helpful for flights.

At The Airport

  • RELAX - Since you’ve arrived early, remind yourself you can stay relaxed because you have plenty of time to handle whatever comes at you

  • GET BLOOD FLOWING - If you are traveling with somebody, consider taking turns watching the luggage while the person off luggage duty walks or jogs around the terminal. Another great option is to pack a super lightweight yoga mat. Then you can stay with your luggage.


  • BLUE LIGHT PROTECTION - Most planes have terrible blue led lighting which is unhealthy. A pair of blue light blocking glasses will protect your eyes and keep your mood and energy up.

  • HEARING - The average airplane has a noise level of about 80 decibels which will raise your stress levels. Noise blocking headphones or earplugs will reduce stress during flight.

  • CIRCADIAN CYCLES - If it’s daylight, stay awake. If it’s dark, try to sleep.


  • GROUNDING - As soon as possible, walk barefoot on a natural surface to allow excess built up electrical charge to disperse from your body. Swimming in a natural body of water is also very effective at grounding.

  • CRYO - This is one of the most effective treatments I’ve found to reduce the inflammation I experience after flights. Cryotherapy is cold therapy. If you don’t have a cryo place where you’ve flown, swimming in a cold body of natural water is also effective and will do double duty, grounding you too.

  • COMPRESSION THERAPY - This very relaxing treatment will get your lymph system flowing again.

  • SLEEP CYCLES - Stay as close as possible to the circadian rhythm of the place you’ve arrived. Wind down for bed as the sun sets.

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