What's Your Plan, Sarah?

Living In The Present

I get this question all the time. Several times a day. Sometimes people mean my plan for the rest of the day and sometimes people mean for the next several years. It makes me feel like that little emoji with it’s brain exploding.

But, for all of you who don’t get to see me in person and ask me this every few weeks, I thought I’d try to give some more clarity.

We left to sail to Mexico practically on accident. We were on weekend trip with two other boats to Half Moon Bay and we simply decided to continue South instead of returning North to the San Francisco Bay.

Three months have passed since and we are now at the tippity point of Baja California, anchored in San José Del Cabo.

The plan is to live in the present moment.

Presently I am drinking glechoma and adlay tea from Kirishima, Japan while Charlie sleeps in the next room.

That answer has not seemed to work for people.

Unfortunately, I have no more plans that that.

I have ideas about how things might work out. I have an idea that Hotel Ganzo next door might let me use their recording studio to record my intros and outros for Contrapreneur this afternoon.

I have an idea that we will stay anchored in San José Del Cabo long enough to catch up on rest and work.

I have an idea that we will spend a couple weeks sailing North into the Sea of Cortez before crossing over to the mainland.

I have an idea we will sail to South America, through Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and then cut across to Ecuador.

I have an idea we’ll head out to the Galapagos and cross the ocean from their, stopping in the South Pacific Islands for as long as we’re allowed.

From their, I don’t really have any more ideas. These are only ideas because the plan is to do this as long as it is fun.

For me, that means I have to be enjoying where I am, my businesses have to be contributing to their missions and I must have access to nutritional, organic food. Currently, I am so happy about where we are! Other than the brief hiatus I’ve taken from everything on the internet which is coming to an end, my businesses are thriving. I’ve also not even come close to running out of food from my San Diego stock-up and I have been surprised and delighted with the local, organic (albeit tiny and not patronized by many locals) food systems I have discovered here.

There is a giant discomfort in our society of living in the present moment I am still working to overcome in myself. Sailing around the world is so unpredictable that I have to get comfortable with living in the present moment or else I‘d be consistently disappointed when my plans did not work out.

So, if you see me in person, please don’t ask about my plans. Ask about my dreams, ideas and aspirations. In fact, if there is anybody whom you want to ask their plans, perhaps asking them what their ideas were would feel better and be more supportive. Perhaps an idea worth trying.

Living In The Present
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