Salt Of The Earth N°2

salt of the earth

It’s a Los Angeles autumn for me. The crisp, dry Santa Ana winds are howling through the harbor. I’ve had an exciting few weeks. I made it official with Contrapreneur and it has been very well received. There is nothing I would rather be doing in the world than sitting for an hours conversation with the people I’m talking to. I’m also happy to be in LA briefly. I’m taking the time to invest in my health and happiness before sailing to Newport Beach tomorrow. This week I’m loving:

  • Jasmine Grandiflorum absolute I picked up in Living Libations’ Venice shop

  • IPCC “Global Warming of 1.5°C” press release

  • The work of Dave Asprey has taught me so much about health. I took the time to visit his Santa Monica “Human Upgrade Lab” and don’t regret it. I tried the Red Charger and got a Hormone Panel, which is not just for women btw.

  • The part in this interview about Solange’s transition through various art mediums

  • Also this interview of my friend Faiz Hussain on Diversity

  • Scott Linde of Sun Potion introduced me to Juice Ranch in Santa Barbara where they carry this copper water bottle. It ionically charges the water and feels really good to drink out of. No leaks two weeks in!

  • Also, my friend Dahlia introduced me to these charcoal water sticks. She offered me a taste of tap water compared to the same tap water that sat with a charcoal stick in it overnight. Oh my! Different water. Just do it. These are the charcoal sticks we’re using.

salt of the earth n°2
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