Sarah’s sprinkles business was an idea resulting from learning about naturally dyeing clothing for Danu Organic. She’d just read Natural Color by Sasha Duerr and headed to her favorite Berkeley spot, Standard Fare, where she ordered the porridge. It came with toasted rainbow quinoa on top which served as both decoration and a nice crunch.

Epiphany! This quinoa could probably get so much more rainbow.

So, she pedaled home to Blossom, pulled out the dehydrator and started recipe testing! Amazingly, she was quickly successful creating golden, blue, pink & green sprinkles. The green have been impossible to recreate, but the rest, she went on to produce & package.

Sprinkles launched in May 1st of 2019 while Sarah was miles out at sea, thanks to Sarah’s pre-voyage work and her mom’s willingness to ship the pre-orders. (Thanks, Mom!)

The last sprinkles bottle of batch one sold in June, just one month after we opened. We’ll be back soon with totally redesigned, kid-friendly, yet fully compostable packaging soon.