Sarah Danu — Founder of Danu Organic

Sarah’s clothing line, Danu Organic, launched in June 2019. It’s a company founded on centuries of love for an heirloom cotton plant that grows in color, requiring no dye. Sarah found out about this plant from a chance encounter with Sally Fox, the woman who has been sustaining this plant in the USA for over 30 years.

Immediately smitten, Sarah agreed to purchase 1000 lbs of Sally's naturally brown cotton the very day they met. A lot of fabric for somebody just getting started, but this level of commitment was necessary to meet the North Carolina spinning mill’s minimums.

The objective of Danu Organic is to pursue production of the healthiest clothes in the world at a scale that makes them accessible.

Sarah’s designs reflect the beauty of the human body and the durability of the earth that gives us our fibers and colors.